Balloon garland?

Our balloon garlands are elaborate balloon decorations that are perfect for any celebration, party, function or activation. Extremely versatile, a balloon garland can be designed in many colours and shapes. A standard balloon garland is priced from $250. Take a look at some of our recent creations below or get started now.

Balloons bespoke for your event

We can help create a balloon garland that is perfect for your event. Customers love our balloon garlands because they add an outstanding splash of colour and atmosphere to their events.

We find out what colours you love, and figure out what will look best in your event space. Every balloon garland is custom designed and professionally installed.

In our balloon garlands, we only use the highest grade balloons that are designed for professional use. Not to mention, these balloons are also 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment.  

A standard balloon garland is priced from $250. Get in contact with us today about a balloon garland for your next event or see some of our popular balloon options below.