Balloon Garland


Let us create an amazing balloon garland that is perfect for your event. Whether it is for a birthday, hens, wedding, ceremony, milestone, retail display, activation, or anything really, we can create something that feels just right.

We can create a balloon setup in almost any colour and colour combination. Just let us know if you have a preferred colour scheme in mind.

Once we know what space the balloons will be in, we will do everything we can to bring it to life. For example, for some spaces with tall ceilings, we might suggest a garland with extra verticality in order to accentuate the space, and we would work out the mechanics of doing so.

Just rest assured, we are a team that is passionate about creating a balloon garland that is not just average.

Note: our large garlands use more than 6 metres of balloons. Price is indicative and will depend on size, complexity, and colours.

Event styling tips for a balloon garland

While a larger balloon decoration may cost a bit more, it also doesn’t require a separate mesh backdrop, stand, or frame to be used, so the overall cost can work out fairly similar to a standard balloon decoration with a mesh backdrop or frame.


Standard, Large

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