Customised Streamer Backdrop


There are over 30 colours to choose from, and mix and match. Whether your preference is pastel, bright, or shimmery, you can personalise it to perfectly match the personality of your event.

We can create any size backdrop that you like.

The pattern of the custom streamer backdrop can also be customised to fit your needs.

For any venue or space with high ceilings, streamers look amazing when hung from the ceiling. They really add a whole lot of colour and fun vibes. An aerial installation is sure to impress any crowd.

Contact us to find out all the possibilities.

Event styling tips for the custom streamer backdrop

Pairing any custom streamer wall with a neon sign, such as our round customisable neon, or a balloon garland, such as this, is a surefire way to please.

Dimensions 200 × 200 cm

Standard Size Custom Streamer Backdrop, Extra Large Custom Streamer Backdrop, Aerial Streamer Installation

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